Headquarters failed to spot Estonians’ scheming

20.09.2018, 12:40

A report by a Danish law firm concerning large scale breach of anti-money laundering regulations in the Estonian branch of Danske Bank turned out to be a safe median section where the blame is laid on 42 former employees from Estonia, while the bank’s...

Tamsar has not changed his tune

19.09.2018, 2:45

Instead of frequent 180-degree turns, Estonia needs priorities and consistency in seeing them through,” head of the Estonian Employers’ Confederation Toomas Tamsar told “Postimees Live”.

Parties not in favor of universal health insurance

19.09.2018, 2:41

Even though the current health insurance system needs changing – none of the MPs questioned disputed that – parties do not support the Praxis Center for Policy Studies’ recommendation to give everyone in Estonia health insurance. Estonia has 120,000...

Estonian oil production breaking records

18.09.2018, 2:06

Oil shale oil production is once again profitable in Estonia, even despite a spike in mining fees. Total production grew to more than one million tons for the first time in 2017.

Turning the tax system on its head

18.09.2018, 2:02

Work and pay taxes and the state will pay for your medical bills – that has been the prevailing principle in Estonia for the past two decades. Now, experts are suggesting we drop it and offer universal healthcare despite increased risk of tax evasion.

World’s greatest cleanup be run by Estonians

17.09.2018, 2:35

It was clear by yesterday that the World Cleanup Day, held on Saturday and run by a team of Estonians, was the greatest single cleanup action in the history of the planet that saw the participation of 144 countries. Hurricanes ravaging several continents...

Estonia gave Russian spy a residence permit

17.09.2018, 2:32

The public thought he would spend five years in Tartu Prison, while he was out in just 11 months. Russian citizen, jiu-jitsu coach Mikhail Petrov (44), who spent a long time spying for Russia in Estonia, has not been deported but is traveling the Schengen area...

Suitors appeared immediately

14.09.2018, 11:11

CEO of Luminor Group Erkki Raasuke says that prospective buyers approached Luminor immediately after the bank’s creation almost a year ago. Half of energy and attention was paid to topics like know your client, money laundering and sanctions.

Luminor acquisition deal of the decade

14.09.2018, 11:06

It was announced yesterday that the world’s largest private capital firm Blackstone will acquire the majority of Luminor Group that will mark the biggest transaction in the Baltic countries for the past decade and could possibly be the greatest ever...

Prospective citizens to qualify for free language classes

13.09.2018, 6:57

People applying for Estonian citizenship will gain access to free language classes from the new year. The state will also offer benefits for the duration of unpaid study leave, the Riigikogu decided by passing amendments to the Citizenship Act.

Transport company run by old pals

13.09.2018, 6:48

It became apparent on Monday that Tallinn city council member, former Reform Party member and incoming head of Tallinn City Transport AS (TLT) Denis Borodich has hired two people to serve on TLT’s board – Lennart Viikmaa and Otto Popel. Viikmaa and Popel...

Estonia to have AI identify people

12.09.2018, 1:09

The Ministry of the Interior has finished draft regulation to give a smart robot the right to make decisions concerning people – identify them.

Tõniste proposes tax peace

12.09.2018, 1:04

Even though the finance ministry cut this year’s alcohol excise duty receipt forecast again, Minister of Finance Toomas Tõniste (Pro Patria) does not see this as a problem as other taxes are coming in nicely. He would also propose a tax peace.

Infamous MMS group shut down

12.09.2018, 1:00

The Estonian Health Board moved for the termination of a Facebook group promoting the use of MMS and DMSO and finally succeeded – the social network recently shut down the alternative treatments group.

Anvelt would allow sector-based immigration

11.09.2018, 10:27

Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt (SDE) believes labor problems could be alleviated by unions and employers agreeing on sector-based average salary and immigration quotas.

Income tax hitting small banks

11.09.2018, 6:25

The advance income tax for credit institutions is rubbing smaller Estonian banks the wrong way as it basically constitutes restored corporate income tax for the sector.

Crimean War-era artillery battery found under Reidi road

11.09.2018, 9:22

It was expected a few old ships could be found before work on Tallinn’s Reidi road began, while now, remains of a Crimean War-era artillery battery have been unearthed.

Leedo’s business up a hundredfold

11.09.2018, 9:19

Former ferry businessman Vyacheslav Leedo’s company Saare EREK opened a milled log and element houses factory in the city of Jingmen in China’s Hubei province on Saturday.

Shedding the skin of subcontractor

07.09.2018, 3:24

Enterprise Estonia (EAS), that recently unveiled its new strategy, will support companies’ efforts to bring in foreign specialists as local education is keeping Estonia a subcontractor, says the agency’s supervisory board chairman Erki Mölder.

Police to take Gemalto to court Postimees

07.09.2018, 3:19

The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) told a representative of Gemalto AG yesterday that it is pulling out of talks to find a compromise for compensation for damages tied to the ID-card crisis and will file a claim over breach of contract against the company...

Cyber-lollygagging cost the state millions

06.09.2018, 3:04

It is likely that the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) will have to swallow its words and write off a large part of its €20-million claim against ID-card manufacturer Gemalto in the coming weeks.

What Metsavas really knew?

06.09.2018, 2:56

Treason of General Staff of the Defense Forces planning officer Deniss Metsavas (38), who, together with his father, leaked classified documents to GRU for years, could spell months of reorganization in a highly sensitive field for the armed forces.

Russian town stole «Kissing Students» from Tartu

06.09.2018, 10:03

Sculptor Mati Karmin was treated to an unpleasant surprise a few days ago when he discovered photos taken in an urban neighborhood of St. Petersburg in his mailbox. A copy of one of Karmin’s sculptures «Kissing Students» has been erected in the town...

Billions passed through Danske

06.09.2018, 9:58

The Estonian branch of Danske Bank was used to move up to $30 billion from countries in the east not all of which is believed to have been dirty money.

Toomas Tamsar: we are kidding ourselves. This will not just blow over

04.09.2018, 11:38

Head of the Estonian Employers Confederation Toomas Tamsar finds that most political parties have understood the seriousness and potential solutions for the labor crisis but are afraid to talk about them.

Cheap labor – quick solution, but not the best

04.09.2018, 11:33

Economists and analysts questioned by Postimees find that while favoring immigration and labor migration would help alleviate acute labor shortage, the solution is not without problems in the long run.

EVEA against mandatory dividends

03.09.2018, 11:32

The Estonian Small and Medium Business Association (EVEA) finds that mandatory dividends and withdrawal compensation would negatively impact business environment.

New chairman could deliver Free Party

03.09.2018, 11:21

Strife in the Free Party was given new momentum last week with the resignation of board members Monika Haukanõmm and Vahur Kollom. The board had previously lost Elo Lutsepp, Jaanus Ojangu and Vello Väinsalu. Member of the board Jüri Adams believes the party...

Information noise blurring the lines

31.08.2018, 4:27

The aim of Russia’s information warfare is to sow confusion and force members of society to doubt everything, politician and security expert Eerik-Niiles Kross (Reform Party) finds.

Russian fake comments business unmasked

31.08.2018, 4:22

The case of how the content of propaganda medium Baltnews was curated from Russia has dragged into the light another half-secret – how online comments are procured from troll factories.

Unmasking the Russian propaganda machine

30.08.2018, 4:02

Threads that began in Estonia led to the discovery of a Kremlin-led propaganda network that used anonymous companies all over Europe to fund propaganda sites in the Baltics and Eastern Europe. The content of Estonian sites was managed by employees of Rossiya...

This is not Vanuatu, this is Narva!

29.08.2018, 4:33

While we cannot say that Estonians do not visit Narva, know nothing about it nor want to, the future of East Viru County depends on locals, and citizens of Narva could try speaking Estonian among themselves just for the fun of it, President Kersti Kaljulaid...

Parties careful when talking about school reform

28.08.2018, 2:04

While most parties are talking about a common Estonian school while gearing up for elections, they all have their messages for the voter. Pro Patria stands apart from the rest, talking about a unified Estonian education system instead of a common school.

«It is much better when people are together and talk to each other»

28.08.2018, 1:59

Tallinn resident Aleksandr Shtavbonko (39), who switches between Estonian and Russian effortlessly as he talks, is convinced that a person who lives in Estonia must speak Estonian. He believes that school and kindergarten are the best places for learning...

Intelligence cannot remain fully hidden

27.08.2018, 2:09

An utterance by head of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service Mikk Marran, where he said a network of politicians, journalists, diplomats and businessmen that operate as agents of Russian influence and do what the Kremlin orders has been found, sparked a...

Artur Talvik creating an eco-party

24.08.2018, 4:37

Former Free Party chairman Artur Talvik’s new party will prioritize the environment and new economy.

Ranks of Riigikogu independents bolstered

23.08.2018, 5:55

If the Riigikogu only had two independent MPs before the parliament’s summer holiday – former Pro Patria members Margus Tsahkna and Marko Mihkelson – the so-called window seats faction grew to five members after yesterday’s extraordinary sitting.

Fifth of Estonians living hand to mouth

23.08.2018, 5:53

A third of Estonians believe their financial situation is good or very good while no fewer than 90 percent believe it is at least okay. At the same time, a fifth of people in South Estonia and 16 percent of pensioners believe their situation to be poor, a...

Raave: I believe it possible to identify donors

22.08.2018, 6:01

Executive Manager of Estonia 200 Henrik Raave says that Estonia 200 is an ordinary NPO and not a party yet. He believes that those who have donated anonymously can be convinced to reveal their names and faces.

Estonia 200 collecting anonymous funding

22.08.2018, 5:56

“We want to be transparent and involving and give everyone in Estonia the chance to support our movement and goal of a better political landscape,” the leaders of Estonia 200 write on crowdsourcing platform Hooandja where the movement that decided to...

Defence Forces are ending the active search for the missing AMRAAM missile

17.08.2018, 1:37

Today Estonian Defence Forces decided to end the active searches for a missing AMRAAM missile accidentally shot from Spanish fighter in Estonian airspace last Tuesday, but will stay ready to react and continue the search if new information arises.

Narva city council elects new chairman

17.08.2018, 12:52

Members of the Narva city council elected former centrists’ candidate Irina Yanovych as chairman yesterday. Twenty-one delegates who had previously left the Center Party faction of the council formed a new group called Our Home Narva. Yanovych got 21 votes.

Herkel: MPs also have private lives

17.08.2018, 12:49

The sun will rise even if the Free Party won’t make the election threshold, party chairman Andres Herkel says. Concerning his personal life, Herkel finds that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Talvik planning a comeback

16.08.2018, 4:29

Andres Herkel, who took over the Free Party from Andrus Talvik as recently as in May, has become under fire from fellow party members and several regional heads want to see him resign. At the same time, Talvik is looking for ways to return to power after his...

Gene Bank looking for IT system

16.08.2018, 3:26

Estonia wants to become the first country in the world where the entire population’s genetic information is collected and analyzed and where predictions of health risks reach patients and doctors in real time.

Ministers argue over water

15.08.2018, 6:17

Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt (SDE) did not approve draft legislation concerning rescue services’ use of water yesterday as he believed Minister of the Environment Siim Kiisler (Pro Patria) wanted to charge the Rescue Board in the future.

Savisaar: I created this state

15.08.2018, 6:13

This summer, Edgar Savisaar has tried to learn how to walk with a prosthetic leg and pondered the nature of his trial. The interview at hand is the result of three meetings: our conversation at his Hundisilma farm was not recorded, while things we talked about...

2nd tier court overturns termination of proceeding re Savisaar

14.08.2018, 6:18

The Tallinn Circuit Court has overturned a ruling of the first-tier Harju County Court by which a criminal proceeding concerning former mayor of Tallinn and ex-leader of the Center Party Edgar Savisaar was terminated.

Estonian climbers saved by chance

14.08.2018, 5:42

A helicopter that should have been carrying Estonian mountain climbers went down in the Pamirs at around 7 p.m. the day before yesterday. Latest information suggests the accident cost the lives of two pilots and three climbers.

Tammist to lose in salary as minister

14.08.2018, 5:39

Incoming minister of entrepreneurship and information technology Rene Tammist admits that he will be paid less as minister than as the sole member of the board of the Estonian Chamber of Renewable Energy.