Disservice instead of gain possible

16.02.2018, 12:12

While splitting Estonia in two in the name of more European subsidies might increase support sums, making sensible use of the latter might become more difficult instead.

Presidential elections amendment doubtful

16.02.2018, 12:00

A year and a half separate us from the dragged-out previous presidential election, with no fundamental change in the election procedure on the horizon. At least during the time of the current composition of the Riigikogu. The procedure of constitutional...

Over 10 people arrested as suspects in membership of criminal organization

15.02.2018, 5:46

Officers of the Estonian Central Criminal Police have arrested more than ten people as suspects in membership of a criminal organization, including two high-profile businessmen and two former officers of the police and the Internal Security Service (ISS),...

Dividing Estonia could yield half a billion

14.02.2018, 6:52

The Riigikogu State Budget Control Select Committee is set to discuss Estonia’s chances for EU subsidies during the new budget period and whether it would be sensible to divide Estonia into two regions today.

Ammunition worth 200 million

14.02.2018, 6:47

The Ministry of Defense’s administrative area development plan for 2019-2022 prescribes three major additional investments: over €200 million will be spent on ammunition, €60 million on communication systems, and tens of millions on anti-air capacity.

Bank execs. decimate Riisalu’s idea

13.02.2018, 5:24

Tallinn Deputy Mayor Aivar Riisalu’s idea to use city assets to buy a holding in a small commercial bank to secure a license for the Tallinn Cooperative Bank is misguided and would lead to unhealthy competition with the private sector, finds CEO of Versobank...

Bank of Estonia: EAS playing dangerous games

13.02.2018, 5:21

The Bank of Estonia sees as dangerous and problematic attempts by Enterprise Estonia (EAS), that oversees Estonia’s e-residency program, to adopt alternative working capital, such as the estcoin, on the community level.

Bout between special services leads to Susi’s exchange

12.02.2018, 11:25

Postimees’ Russian correspondent Jaanus Piirsalu sent a long-awaited message to Tallinn ten days ago: “I can feel an exchange coming soon.”

Russia looking for agents of influence in Estonia

09.02.2018, 2:39

The backdrop of Russian propaganda hides the far more dangerous practice of recruiting agents of influence in Europe, the Information Board’s recent yearbook suggests. Forget Edgar Savisaar – Russian intelligence is looking at young European politicians...

Miscalculation of the century

08.02.2018, 2:57

The Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) did not know how to develop a border in 2015. Additional cost of €118 million hit the public like a cold shower as officials were reluctant to cool politicians’ enthusiasm with facts.

«They were squatting on the roof of the submerged van»

07.02.2018, 2:45

"I saw two people standing half-way in the water. When I got there, it turned out they were squatting on the roof of the submerged van.”

HKScan’s Rakvere plant goes on strike

06.02.2018, 5:54

Today marks the beginning of the long-prepared strike of employees of HKScan’s Rakvere Meat Processing Plant.

Ratas finds PBK has not distorted messages

06.02.2018, 2:50

Prime Minister Jüri Ratas said that in his experience the Perviy Baltiysky Kanal (PBK) has not distorted the government’s messages or spread misinformation, answering the opposition’s questions in reaction to the Center Party’s decision to procure...

Italian airmen ready to escort Russian aircraft

05.02.2018, 8:44

When Postimees visited the Italian Air Force detachment deployed in Ämari Air Base on 26th of February, there was a feeling of excitement among the aircrew – just a day earlier NATO had given alert to the Danish fighters who are also on the NATO Baltic Air...

Eastern border could be watered down

05.02.2018, 2:01

The Ministry of the Interior and the government must decide whether to develop a more modest eastern border or postpone its completion considering recent analyses, according to which the development will cost more than planned.

Carriers say officials have “privatized” border point

05.02.2018, 12:07

Estonian transport companies are disgruntled with a situation where laden trucks must often wait days to cross the border to Russia while empty trucks of a select few are allowed to cross in almost no time at all. The border crossing point has been privatized...

Eastern border to cost 2.5 times more

02.02.2018, 11:15

Minister of the Interior Andres Anvelt received a calculation from the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) yesterday that suggests development of Estonia’s eastern border will cost more than 2.5 times what was initially forecast.

Head of ERR wants more stable funding

02.02.2018, 11:12

Chairman of the board of public broadcaster ERR, Erik Roose, sums up his vision for the public law media funding model as follows: “More sensible, longer-lived, clearer.” He is not satisfied with the current model and believes that ways of securing...

Black list created distrust in Estonia

01.02.2018, 1:58

Ukraine’s decision to add Estonia to the list of countries it considers tax havens managed, in just a few weeks, to create a situation where Estonian companies were avoided by both banks and business partners.

State forests to cater to pulp mill

01.02.2018, 1:56

State Forest Management Center (RMK) sent an inspiring message to the developers of a major pulp mill near Tartu in which it agrees to negotiate supply of timber necessary for the future mill.

Artificial islands plan drifting toward oblivion

31.01.2018, 5:21

MP Märt Sults’ artificial islands detailed plan has been in proceedings for nine years and was just postponed by several more months because of a citizen’s application.

Pension would rise at the expense of companies and the wealthy

31.01.2018, 5:16

Leading Center Party politicians find that the initial idea of a €100 pension hike could be replaced with an advance of €60-70. The latter idea is also supported by IRL chairman Helir-Valdor Seeder.

Vodka tourism damage greater than thought

30.01.2018, 6:12

The Tax and Customs Board (MTA) finds that border trade with Latvia cost Estonia €30 million in alcohol excise duty revenue last year. More than the finance ministry forecast.

People critical of income tax reform

30.01.2018, 6:09

Half of the Estonian population is critical of the government’s income tax reform, while only a third like it. Every fifth person is undecided. Experts see several possible explanations.

Alcohol excise duty receipt to fall short by tens of millions

29.01.2018, 5:58

Alcohol excise duty receipt forecasts have never missed the mark by as much as they will in 2017. While we will learn the truth in early February, it is clear forecasts are too optimistic by some €40-50 million. It is probable that even the adjusted summer...

Government blames low popularity on poor communication

29.01.2018, 5:54

Chairman of the Pro Patria Res Publica Union (IRL) Helir-Valdor Seeder said that it is often the case in politics that whoever yells first and loudest is the winner.

Pevkur says government’s grace period running out

29.01.2018, 5:50

Opposition leader, Reform Party Chairman Hanno Pevkur finds that a sharp decline in support for the coalition suggests the time of Center’s experimental government is up.

Poll: Estonian Reform Party's support climbs to highest in five years

29.01.2018, 11:53

Support for the Estonian opposition Reform Party rose to the highest level in five years, while support for the prime minister's Center Party and the whole government coalition declined considerably, it appears from a survey taken by Kantar Emor for BNS and...

Opinion: judgment of the European Court of Justice in the Uber case will not be the last

26.01.2018, 3:00

Does anyone know anyone who is not familiar with a smartphone? Probably there are some who say ‘yes’, as well as some who still only deal in cash.

PBK programs result in ERJK investigation

26.01.2018, 2:39

Party Financing Monitoring Committee (ERJK) decided yesterday to launch proceedings based on articles published in Postimees on whether the Center Party used programs it procured on the Perviy Baltysky Kanal (PBK) for advertising purposes.

Ott Tänak: words count for nothing. Driving matters!

25.01.2018, 4:47

The start of the Monte Carlo Rally today will mark the end of a period of suspense for Estonia’s best rally team Ott Tänak and Martin Järveoja. How have the men adjusted at Toyota? Was it the right choice to change teams? How fast is the Yaris?

Important exhibition for Estonia to be opened in Washington

25.01.2018, 4:44

First personal exhibition of Estonian-born artist Michel Sittow (approx. 1469-1525) to be opened in Washington.

VEB Fund subject matter resurfaces along with Kallas’ name

24.01.2018, 12:39

Draft legislation by five MPs to compensate companies that lost money in the VEB Fund affair from the state budget was prepared by the legal counsel of five certificate holders. One of the motives of the bill’s initiators is to complicate Siim Kallas’...

Banking scandal money reached Estonia

23.01.2018, 5:57

An international report suggests that a little over $50 million of nearly $1 billion laundered through three Moldovan banks in 2012-2014 passed through Estonian banks.

British study paints a sad picture of Russians in Estonia

23.01.2018, 5:53

A study meant for internal use by the British government on the mentality of Russians in the Baltic countries claims that the community is the most cut off in Estonia.

System leaves people to own devices

22.01.2018, 12:09

Rain Laane (46), who has been in charge of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund for 100 days now, says that the health insurance financing model is too rigid, and people caught in the system’s gears often don’t have the time to wait for lifesaving change.

A working pensioner’s difficult choice

19.01.2018, 12:26

Working pensioners are facing tough choices. Even though they are still sharp as a pencil and healthy, working full time might not be as practical as it used to be.

Vesterbacka kicks off Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel party

19.01.2018, 12:20

Finnish visionary Peter Vesterbacka hopes that the Tallinn-Helsinki tunnel will make Estonia and Finland the coming decade’s pioneers in European transport. Experts commend the Finn for pursuing the tunnel project but say it could be tripped by several...

An incredible story of how I was threatened in the Riigikogu

18.01.2018, 4:06

I have always believed that a politician’s honor and dignity are ensured by their selflessness and thorough reasoning behind decisions, not power. Whether the politician is a member of the opposition or coalition is up to the voter, or at worst the result of...

Litigation used to move against opposition

18.01.2018, 4:02

Chairman of the Center Party Riigikogu faction Kersti Sarapuu and members of her family demand damages and a public apology from Reform Party faction chair Jürgen Ligi and EKRE MP Martin Helme.

Reinsalu’s statement releases storm of indignation

17.01.2018, 4:38

Minister of Justice Urmas Reinsalu’s (IRL) recent choice of words led to a situation where his resignation was demanded by not only members of the opposition, but also the coalition. The scandalous statement also drew flak away from the president’s...

Agency’s independence questioned

17.01.2018, 4:35

Even though there are examples of the competition watchdog having succeeded in putting its foot down in recent years, others have sparked suspicion as to the board’s independence. The justice minister says the government plans to discuss improving how the...

Estonia's cbank wants to dump 1 cent, 2 cent coins

17.01.2018, 1:44

The Bank of Estonia has come up with a plan to reduce the use of 1 cent and 2 cent coins before eventually phasing them out.

Estonian population grows by 3,070 in 2017

16.01.2018, 12:42

According to initial estimates, the population of Estonia was 1,318,700 on Jan. 1 this year, which is 3,070 persons more than at the same time a year ago.

Kallas proposes real estate tax

16.01.2018, 12:38

Honorary Chairman of the Reform Party, Viimsi Municipality Mayor Siim Kallas believes Estonia should revise and modernize its local governments’ funding policy. It should also consider laying down a real estate tax.

Border agreement to remain shelved

16.01.2018, 12:34

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov clearly implied there is no sense in hoping for the ratification of the Estonia-Russia border agreement in the State Duma as things stand when answering Postimees’ question. Lavrov lauded Finland’s sensible...

Danish defense minister does not believe in reaching two percent

16.01.2018, 12:26

Danish Defense Minister Claus Hjort Fredriksen says in an interview that 2014 was a sudden wake-up call for Denmark that caused the country’s national defense priorities to shift from foreign missions to Baltic Sea security.

Coalition moving forward despite arguments

15.01.2018, 5:58

While the Center Party and the Pro Patria Res Publica Union (IRL) are still debating free county coaches, the Estonian Road Administration is moving forward with Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson’s (Center) plan.

German journalist: Russia helping ISIS in Syria

09.01.2018, 4:00

No fewer than 1.7 million copies of the German newspaper Bild are printed every day. The paper has ten million daily readers online. That is the readership of editor Julian Röpcke’s articles that have revealed several lies told by the Russian government and...

Church millions clouded by half-truth

09.01.2018, 12:11

The Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church (EELK) received millions of euros from the government even though it has never been legally determined whether the church even has a right to the Tallinn St. Nicholas’ Church. Cultural circles are relieved...