Convicted spy Petrov: I’m basically a defector

20.04.2018, 5:17

Convicted spy, Russian Jiu-Jitsu trainer Mikhail Petrov says that he spied for the FSB in Estonia in 2011-2013. Petrov says he escaped to Estonia using a visa last summer to avoid going to prison in Russia. He had photographic evidence of surveillance activity...

Metropolitan Cornelius dies, bishop Lazarus to perform duties for now

20.04.2018, 11:13

Head of the Estonian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Cornelius, passed away on Thursday at the age of 93 and until a new metropolitan has been elected, Narva and Peipsiveere bishop Lazarus will perform the duties of metropolitan.

Police concentrating on criminal organizations

19.04.2018, 4:30

Former murder detective, Director of the Police and Boarder Guard Board Elmar Vaher talks about how his former colleagues from the central criminal police reached a new level in unmasking criminal organizations and the background of several exciting...

Aab kept silent for over a month

18.04.2018, 4:48

Jaak Aab was forced to resign as state administration minister yesterday just as unexpectedly as he got the position ten months ago.

Ex-boyfriend suspected of crime of passion

17.04.2018, 4:48

Multiple stab wounds on the body of 15-year-old Anastasia pointed to a possible crime of passion from the first. The teenage girl’s ex-boyfriend Artjom (18) became the prime suspect of her murder from the first moments of the investigation on Sunday morning.

Ministers lift veil of secrecy

17.04.2018, 4:44

The government, having agreed on Estonia’s latest budget strategy on Friday evening, promises salary advance in four or five public domains, major investments into national defense and e-services. However, some salaries will not go up immediately.

Maxima ordered to pay penalty

17.04.2018, 4:39

The language inspectorate concluded three months of checks at Maxima Eesti OÜ’s Haabersti Maxima XXX hypermarket last week. More than half of the employees were ordered to take an Estonian language exam. The agency also decided to have Maxima pay a penalty.

Minister to resign for driving while under the influence of alcohol

17.04.2018, 3:11

Estonian Minister of Public Administration Jaak Aab was caught by the police on March 11 for driving while under the influence of alcohol and on Tuesday announced that he is to step down as minister.

Kaja Kallas: i’m not a leader for some people yet

16.04.2018, 12:50

Kaja Kallas (40), elected chairman of the Reform Party on Saturday, says that politicians who promised an extraordinary €60 pensions hike should ask themselves the true price of that move.

E-state sitting on ticking bomb

13.04.2018, 1:03

The gap between sums needed to maintain Estonia’s most important success story – the e-state – and the government’s possibilities has never been so big, which has brought vital information systems to the brink of collapse.

Tartu businessman served GRU for years

13.04.2018, 10:55

A family man who ran several modest small businesses in Tartu lived a double life for years, collecting information on Estonian military sites and communicating it to Russia’s military foreign intelligence.

Putin’s check will bounce

12.04.2018, 10:45

It is impossible to create a normal economy when just 12 percent of the working-age population contributes taxes and value added in enterprises that are not tied to the state or the oil and gas industry, one of Moscow’s most respected moneymen, former head...

Cultural elite wants its influence back

11.04.2018, 6:57

Logistics and economic analyst Raivo Vare says that opposition to Rail Baltic largely comes from the cultural and creative elite that wants to feel important again and regain their social influence.

Health insurance fund will not back down

10.04.2018, 6:36

Even if local people will succeed in changing the minds of the supervisory boards of the Valga and Põlva hospitals and their delivery departments will not be closed this year, there is hardly cause for celebration. Member of the board of the Estonian Health...

Public letter of the 400

10.04.2018, 6:15

Address to members of the XIII Riigikogu and those of the XIV Riigikogu to be elected in 2019.

Two out of three chairmen leaving the government cause for collapse

09.04.2018, 6:47

A situation where two out of three chairmen of ruling parties prefer to sit in the parliament so as not to be held responsible for the government’s work is unprecedented, says communication expert and editor of the portal Andreas Kaju.

Ossinovski feels he has not made major mistakes

09.04.2018, 6:44

Chairman of the Social Democrat Party (SDE) Jevgeni Ossinovski said in an interview to Postimees that he did not decide to resign as minister in hopes of potential political profit. He admitted that his party has been closed and uncommunicative in recent...

Tallinn Television looking for suitor

06.04.2018, 12:45

Tallinn’s centrist city authority is no longer making a secret of the fact it has started looking for a suitor for its politically biased municipal television network Tallinn Television (TTV) to bring in private sector perspective, boost ratings, and manage...

Baltics can rely on U.S. help

05.04.2018, 1:56

President Trump does not see red warning lights when looking at the Baltics that lie on NATO’s eastern flank, right next to the Russian border, President Kersti Kaljulaid, who met with Trump together with her Latvian and Lithuanian colleagues the day before...

The Tax Board will squeeze major debtors

04.04.2018, 6:24

The life of some fifty large debtors, who have been comfortably dodging taxes for years, will become much tougher this year. The Tax and Customs Board will go to court to demand their bankruptcy and most culprits would be banned from business.

Trump: cooperation is based on mutual contribution

04.04.2018, 6:18

The “summit of the century” as Donald Trump described the US-Baltic meeting in Washington celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Baltic states was on the one hand a major exchange of epithets.

Hiiumaa residents expect a permanent solution

03.04.2018, 5:34

After ice has gone and measurements of the Rukki channel between Hiiumaa Island and the mainland continue to display an extremely serious situation, it is possible that the full clearing of the fairway will be preceded by minor operations. But major work will...

A boom of construction permit claims can be expected – developer

02.04.2018, 6:03

Timo Riismaa, executive manager of Bonava, the developer of the Uus-Mustamäe district, predicts that developers will hasten to claim construction permits before the new energy efficiency regulations come in force.

Excessive requirements to new buildings

02.04.2018, 5:59

A cube with windows like loopholes or a sphere – this is a house adequately meeting the energy efficiency requirements implemented in Estonia. Mihkel Tüür, the architect criticizing these standards, believes that Estonia has been excessive in following the...

Tallinn could buy buses with pantographs

29.03.2018, 4:43

Contrary to the expectations that trolleybus lines will disappear, the construction of overhead power lines may speed up thanks to a German solution, which can make even trucks run under overhead wires.

Estonia’s people smoke less than ever before

29.03.2018, 4:40

Adults in Estonia have never smoked as little as now. A survey of the Estonian Institute of Economic Research also reveals that people support tougher restrictions on smoking.

Child died of untreated HIV

28.03.2018, 5:56

An 11-year-old pupil was brought to the Tallinn Children’s Hospital early this year and the medics were initially unable to diagnose her serious condition. Closer studies revealed as a minor shock that the girl had terminal HIV or AIDS, which claimed her...

Nerve agent affair had connection with Estonia

27.03.2018, 12:39

According to claims by the scientist involved in the development of the Novichok nerve agent in the USSR, a criminal from Latvia, later arrested in Estonia, had been among those buying the toxin from him in the 1990s.

Bank suspected of money laundering was closed down overnight

27.03.2018, 12:36

Versobank proudly announced only last Friday that it is the second bank in Estonia to offer a new superfast payment service.  Yet it had to close down yesterday.

Estonia to expel Russian defense attache in answer to chemical attack in UK

26.03.2018, 6:01

Estonia is to expel the Russian defense attache from the country in answer to the Salisbury chemical attack.

Court case over test tube child

26.03.2018, 1:25

The parents of Anni, a girl born via in vitro fertilization, wanted her to live in a harmonious blended family, but now it is for the child protection agencies and court to settle the parents’ problems.

Ex-policeman who shot a person escapes sentence definitively

23.03.2018, 1:29

Rando Holpus, former policeman who killed an acquaintance last fall using his service weapon while heavily intoxicated, escaped final conviction as the Supreme Court of Estonia on Thursday did not start handling the appeal in cassation of the prosecutor's...

Taking offence is not only Estonia’s problem

23.03.2018, 12:40

Interview with Mikhail Lotman, who was elected Opinion Leader 2018 at the Postimees lunch of opinion leaders.

Live: Estonishing Evenings: Is it easy to succeed as a woman in Estonia?

22.03.2018, 4:34

The Estonishing Evenings series continues in Tallinn, this time taking a closer look at the Estonian women’s chances to succeed in the country.

Forty hunters joined wolf hunt

22.03.2018, 4:27

Eero Nõmm, acting head of the Pärnu County hunting association, told his office on Tuesday (March 20) “I won’t be in today”, and was gone.  A wolf hunt was on, the kind of which even veteran hunters cannot recall.

Gene donors storming the Genome Center

22.03.2018, 4:24

The Estonian Genome Center opened the submission of consent forms for new gene donors on Tuesday (March 20), but the mass of volunteers brought down the website.

Former Estonian defense chief Aleksander Einseln to be buried at Arlington

21.03.2018, 4:41

The remains of Gen. Aleksander Einseln, former commander of the Estonian defense forces, will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery outside of Washington on April 2.

Rubesa: joint management a European requirement

21.03.2018, 2:32

Baltic countries must put under their individual interests in the name of Rail Baltic as it is a European project in the Baltic region, CEO of RB Rail Baiba Rubesa says in an interview to Postimees.

Rubesa versus the Baltics

21.03.2018, 2:29

Desire to put the supervisory board and shareholder countries in their place is about to cost Latvian Baiba Rubesa her position at RB Rail.

Casino mogul sells life’s work

20.03.2018, 10:27

“It is sad, there is no activity on the market,” said then head of the Tallinn exchange Kaidi Ruusalep two minutes after the shares of gambling operator Olympic Entertainment Group came up for trade on October 23, 2006. “You can use this time to eat...

Half of robberies might be fiction

20.03.2018, 10:22

The police believe that around half of robbery reports in Tallinn and Harju County are made up. It would be funny if it didn’t needlessly burden the police or herald criminal consequences for the complainants.

Problematic children given last chance before prison

19.03.2018, 10:07

Last chance before prison – that could be the description of a new type of child care institution where children will be sent by the court.

People rate Ratas’ government

19.03.2018, 10:01

When Postimees’ journalists gave the government a D+ last fall, politicians complained of the press being unjustly displeased. Minister of Education Mailis Reps said that the grade was based on the  grader and not the work done.  A fresh poll suggests the...

Insurance company could collect €1.2 million from drunk driver

16.03.2018, 2:51

Ergo Insurance puts the estimated damage of a collision between a truck and a passenger train near Keila in late February at €1.2 million and could collect the damage from the truck driver who was drunk at the time.

Delivery departments of two South Estonia hospitals closed

16.03.2018, 2:48

Põlva and Valga hospitals will close their labor and delivery departments this fall, meaning that local women will have to give birth either in Võru or Tartu in the future.

Estonian PM calls off visit to Russia

16.03.2018, 10:50

Estonian Prime Minister Juri Ratas has decided to call off visiting the Days of Estonian Culture to be held in the city of Krasnoyarsk in Russia in spring.

Estonia's largest military exercise Siil to partially take place in Latvia

16.03.2018, 10:47

This year's Siil (Hedgehog) large-scale military exercise, which is to be Estonia's biggest military exercise since the country restored its independence, will be partially held on the territory of Latvia and commander of the Estonian defense forces Gen. Riho...

Defense forces accusing Sputnik of inciting hatred by drawing on false claims

15.03.2018, 4:53

The Estonian defense forces are accusing Russian propaganda channel Sputnik, which belongs to the Rossiya Segodnya group and which a resolution of the European Parliament called a "pseudo-news agency", of inciting hatred by drawing on false claims.

Tarmo Tamm: i was not present for the agreements

15.03.2018, 1:24

Minister of Rural Affairs Tarmo Tamm (Center Party) told Postimees in an interview yesterday that everything has been done by the book as concerns support for pig farmers.

Plane that made emergency landing in Tallinn landed with stopped engines

14.03.2018, 4:46

The Airbus A320-214 aircraft of the airline Smartlynx Airlines, which made an emergency landing at Tallinn Airport at the end of February, narrowly escaped a catastrophe because by the time of the landing both of the plane's engines had stopped.